Plexus-ID has designed, integrated, and programmed some of Metro-NYC’s most luxurious locations and has worked with some of the worlds prestigious companies.

Projects, Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Realestate Firms:

Isaac Rae Studios

Studio Fitz SZ24 Inc.

Newark Knight Frank Kohn

Pedersen Fox Associates

Manhattan Renovations Inc. Sage AV

Concorde Managment Think Construction

Spectra Audio Design Cushion & Wakefield NY

Langson Managment

Corcoran Group

Silver Lining Inc Team Okidoki

Hudson Black Inc Paramount Pictures - LIC

Electrosonic Inc. 1 Lexington - NYC

Beis Medrash Yeshurun School - NYC

Manhattan High School 70th st - NYC

Mariam Haim of Sunset Park - Brooklyn

Yeshiva Samson Raphael Hirsch School - NYC

SAR Academy - Riverdale, NY Pierre Hotel - NYC

The Wonder - Tribeca Bar Beau - Brooklyn

6 Greene st. - NYC 150 Charles st. - NYC

The Alfred - NYC 3282 Oxford Ave. - Riverdale, NY

No Mystery Sound - NYC 59 Barrow st. - NYC

45 Charles st - NYC

Rabbi Jacob Joseph School - Staten Island

255 Hudson st. - NYC 47 Charles - NYC

59 Bank st. - NYC Damian West Salon - NYC

318 w39th st. - NYC 292 Manhattan Ave - Brooklyn

510 9th ave - NYC SAR High School - Riverdale, NY

Fortune Footwear Inc. - NYC

United Talmudical Academy Torah Vyirah Satmar - Brooklyn

126 5th Ave - NYC

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Established in 2010. Plexus Integration and design provides premium home / office automation, and security solutions for the high end residential & commercial sectors.

By keeping the clients wants and needs at heart, Plexus-ID utilizes lighting, shade, climate control, Audio and video distribution and security / surveillance systems to create a custom design tailored to the end user.

Plexus-ID then incorporates such design, into projects spanning from, new construction, full brownstone renovations, home renovations to commercial builds, pop-up events, and custom retro fit installs.

In environments ranging from luxury residential, boutique shops and private social clubs, to places of worship, daycares / schools, hotels, restaurant / bars, and retail.

Plexus-ID’s expert designers, installers and programmers boast between 5 to 30+ years in the field. Forming a total combined experience of over 50 years in the premium audio visual and low voltage industry. Through detailed rich consultations and diligent coordination with Vendors, Contractors, Architects, and Designers.

Plexus-ID ensures the project stays on track, and meets expectations.

©PLEXUS ID 2010-2020.



A true New Yorker, born and raised in The Bronx. A natural innovator and a tech lover from young, Winston has always possessed the entrepreneurial spirit. As a junior in high school, Winston founded Production Hill. A small content production firm that started by leasing inexpensive industrial spaces in the south bronx, and developed them into Creative studios for budding artist. Here, Winston gained hands on experience in interior design, construction builds, acoustic treatments, and property management. While expanding his real estate network in search of new opportunities.

Winston met Andrew Harrington. Andrew was a principal at Manhattan Renovation, and had one of many of his shops in the same south bronx street as Winston. Impressed with Winston’s experience, especially his Hifi audio expertise. Andrew commissioned Winston to custom design and build a complete hifi sound system for his 33rd st NYC office. 3 pairs of custom designed solid walnut speakers, a custom solid walnut equipment cabinet properly vented, and carefully selected Tube amps and media sources. Winston got right to work. With a generous budget, and complete access to Manhattan Renovations shops, equipment and skilled craftsme.

Winston completed the design and build on schedule for the Manhattan Renovation networking event. From that point on, Andrew and Winston developed a true friendship and Andrew became one of Winston’s greatest mentors. That day marked the genesis of Plexus Integration and Design.

Shortly after, Plexus-ID was awarded its first project. A complete Smart home system specifically designed for the religious observance of Shabbat. Upon completing the project, Plexus-ID began to build its outstanding reputation with Home owners, Architects, Designers, and contractors. Sadly, Andrew Harrington passed away, but lives on in the hearts and minds at Plexus-ID.

In the years to follow, Winston continued to develop Plexus-ID and expanded into security and surveillance services. With the help of Joe Carbone’s 30+ years of experience owning and operating Federal Communication Associates. Winston gained hands on experience with alarm panels, video surveillance systems, access control, and panic alarm systems. Together, Joe and Winston took on many commercial projects. Mainly in the hospice and education sectors.

Joe remains a highly respected team member, and continues to work with Plexus-ID as a senior security consultant on most commercial security and surveillance projects.Today, Plexus Integration and Design is a collective of great minds, working together on audio visual, automation control, and security solutions. The outstanding team of integrators, programmers, and trade professionals. Make Plexus-ID a full service outfit.

©PLEXUS ID 2010-2020.


Winston Robert
10+ years Audio Visual / Automation Control

Alex Dimitrijevic
Project Lead
10+ years Surveillance / Access Control

Javier Fonseca
Interior Finishing Specialist
10+ years Fine Interior Finishing

Jonathan Lopez
Project lead
15+ years Fire Protection Systems / Site Safety Officer

Carmen Garcia
Office manager
25+ years Office Management / Book Keeping

Joseph Carbone
Senior Security Consultant
30+ years Alarm / Video Surveillance

©PLEXUS ID 2010-2020.



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